Stas Melnikov is a user interface designer

About me

Hi! I'm Stas Melnikov and I want to tell you a little about myself. I'm a user interface designer, mentor and HTML&CSS consultant from the small Russian town Penza. I love to create user interfaces, CSS animations and CSS pictures.

In 2013 I've undertaken a number of HTML and CSS workshops. It was great and I really loved to speak about HTML and CSS. Then an idea came into my mind to train staff for Russian companies. I do it since 2014.

I think knowledge must be available for everyone, so I publish training articles, demos and video on my social media. And I'm happy when I read comments like these

My experience


Frontend developer at web-studio TOP1

The web studio TOP1 was my first company, where I was developing sites using CMS Joomla. Those days were very funny. I had to maintain browsers which worked in different ways. Maybe it's not necessary to say IE 6 was my favorite browser. Also I made buttons with rounded corners via 4 pictures! That was fun.

As a young developer I thought that I was good at it. But my code sucked. For example, I didn't know about W3C standards or best practices of development. Maybe that happened because I didn't have experienced mentors and no one could point out my mistakes.

But one day I felt it was time for a change. I quit the company with the thought to find a mentor who can train me.


Frontend developer at web-studio Web E Studio

My fears were confirmed when I was going through job interview. I realized I was a really green developer. But one day I met a great frontend developer Mikhail and he invited me to join his team as a junior developer.

I immediately plunged into another world in the first days. It was very difficult for me because I started to work among people who were more experienced than me. Mikhail was demanding, but a fair lead. He helped me but I couldn't prove myself because I felt self-doubt.

So I was fired a month later. But this month turned my life upside down. I realized the main thing is to work hard, and then there will be a result. Speaking of which, it was the only time when I was fired.


Frontend developer at web-studio Master TOP

I found a small team when I started to develop independently. At that time I was very fascinated by CSS animations so I created funny animations for every project.

Also I was interested a web pages performance. And I have one case when I made the website of our client 55 seconds faster! But the company had financial difficulties so company closed down and I started to look for a job again.


Frontend Team Lead at DevLabPro

I joined the newly created company where very young team were. I was almost the most experienced so I become a team lead. I learned all the complexities of managing people and made a lot of mistakes as a lead. I thought all employees were friends. But if someone was wrong I was responsible for their mistakes.

Also I was working on the most interesting project in my career. It was the web system with runs marathon results in Russia. I started to work as a frontend developer, but then the client offered me to create the design of interface for mobile devices.

Design was always interesting to me, but I don't think I can create user interfaces independently. I will never forget the day when we released my design and how I read every review of our users. They were very happy.

For the first time in my life I realized what it is like to work 12 hours. It was hard but now I've understood why the balance between work and life is so important. I was so exhausted that I wanted to get out of development by the end of 2015.

— current

Freelance User Interface Designer

Fortunately it went quickly and I started the new way as an independent expert. For the start I wanted to test my knowledge and I thought the best way to do it is to go through the job interview.

I was going through job interview every day within two months. In the end I was told my knowledge of HTML and CSS was well, but I had problems with JavaScript. However JavaScript wasn't important for me, moreover I felt my knowledge of HTML and CSS wasn't so good.

I happen to know about accessibility of interface. It turns out that there are people who view websites via screen readers. And I wondered how to create websites for people who can't see them.

I studied the W3C standards, experts' articles and other materials in the area of accessibility. I can't say that I've become an expert, but I don't make elementary mistakes anymore.

Also I was interested in drawing CSS images. I was drawing Simba within 3 months and when I had already drawn a half of it I accidentally deleted the file! I had to start over and I did it. That moment showed me that I can do incredible things.