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Hi! I'm Stas Melnikov and I want to tell you a little about myself. I'm a user interface designer, mentor and HTML&CSS consultant from the small Russian town Penza. I love to create user interfaces, CSS animations and CSS pictures.

In 2013 I've undertaken a number of HTML and CSS workshops. It was great and I really loved to speak about HTML and CSS. Then an idea came into my mind to train staff for Russian companies. I do it since 2014.

Also I like to share my works with community. The best of my works you can find on websites such as Envato Tuts+ or Codepen.

CSS Clip-Path Masks with Custom Properties as API 10 best rated CodePen Spark demos
Collection of Preloaders 20 best rated EnvatoTuts+ CSS animations on CodeCanyon

I think knowledge must be available for everyone, so I publish training articles, demos and video on my social media. And I'm happy when I read comments like these

My experience

February 2012 — Jule 2013

Frontend developer at web-studio TOP1

The web studio TOP1 was my first company, where I was developing sites using CMS Joomla. Those days were very funny. I had to maintain browsers which worked in different ways. Maybe it's not necessary to say IE 6 was my favorite browser. Also I made buttons with rounded corners via 4 pictures! That was fun.

As a young developer I thought that I was good at it. But my code sucked. For example, I didn't know about W3C standards or best practices of development. Maybe that happened because I didn't have experienced mentors and no one could point out my mistakes.

But one day I felt it was time for a change. I quit the company with the thought to find a mentor who can train me.

August 2013 — August 2013

Frontend developer at web-studio Web E Studio

My fears were confirmed when I was going through job interview. I realized I was a really green developer. But one day I met a great frontend developer Mikhail and he invited me to join his team as a junior developer.

I immediately plunged into another world in the first days. It was very difficult for me because I started to work among people who were more experienced than me. Mikhail was demanding, but a fair lead. He helped me but I couldn't prove myself because I felt self-doubt.

So I was fired a month later. But this month turned my life upside down. I realized the main thing is to work hard, and then there will be a result. Speaking of which, it was the only time when I was fired.

September 2013 — February 2014

Frontend developer at web-studio Master TOP

I found a small team when I started to develop independently. At that time I was very fascinated by CSS animations so I created funny animations for every project.

Also I was interested a web pages performance. And I have one case when I made the website of our client 55 seconds faster! But the company had financial difficulties so company closed down and I started to look for a job again.

August 2014 — December 2015

Frontend Team Lead at DevLabPro

I joined the newly created company where very young team were. I was almost the most experienced so I become a team lead. I learned all the complexities of managing people and made a lot of mistakes as a lead. I thought all employees were friends. But if someone was wrong I was responsible for their mistakes.

Also I was working on the most interesting project in my career. It was the web system with runs marathon results in Russia. I started to work as a frontend developer, but then the client offered me to create the design of interface for mobile devices.

Design was always interesting to me, but I don't think I can create user interfaces independently. I will never forget the day when we released my design and how I read every review of our users. They were very happy.

For the first time in my life I realized what it is like to work 12 hours. It was hard but now I've understood why the balance between work and life is so important. I was so exhausted that I wanted to get out of development by the end of 2015.

Janury 2016 — current

Freelance User Interface Designer

Fortunately it went quickly and I started the new way as an independent expert. For the start I wanted to test my knowledge and I thought the best way to do it is to go through the job interview.

I was going through job interview every day within two months. In the end I was told my knowledge of HTML and CSS was well, but I had problems with JavaScript. However JavaScript wasn't important for me, moreover I felt my knowledge of HTML and CSS wasn't so good.

I happen to know about accessibility of interface. It turns out that there are people who view websites via screen readers. And I wondered how to create websites for people who can't see them.

I studied the W3C standards, experts' articles and other materials in the area of accessibility. I can't say that I've become an expert, but I don't make elementary mistakes anymore.

Also I was interested in drawing CSS images. I was drawing Simba within 3 months and when I had already drawn a half of it I accidentally deleted the file! I had to start over and I did it. That moment showed me that I can do incredible things.

Commercial projects

Btable – Responsive Bootstrap Tables

Btable will help you to make a Bootstrap table adaptive! You can use it for display of comparative information, a large number of content or data of your employees.

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Bbutton – CSS animations for Bootstrap Outline Buttons

The Bbutton is a package with 6 unique CSS animations for outline buttons from the Twitter Bootstrap 4 library.

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Collection of Preloaders

Collection of preloaders is a set of modern CSS3 animations for preloaders.

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Blinky – CSS animations for Bootstrap 4 links

The Blinky is a collection of animations for Twitter Bootstrap links.

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LRMW – jQuery plugin for modal windows

LRMW allows you to easily create the most beautiful responsive popup for your projects, photo galleries and others cases. The plugin supports any content (images, YouTube video, Google Maps, forms). It is easy, flexible, powerful to create professional looking popup modal.

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Viewy – JavaScript 3D Model Viewer

Viewy – it’s javascript viewer for 3D models. You can use it to demonstrate various products and other things.

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What I do for a community

Collection of user interface components

My collection ready user components which you can use in your projects. It's included animations, forms, checkboxes, buttons and other elements.

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Awesome CSS Magic

This demos to shows what you can do via CSS.

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Youtube channel

It's my short videos when I show how I create my projects. If you like live coding and music I think you'll like it

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My blog in Russian on the Habr

My blog in Russian when I write about HTML and CSS.

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